Realty is not just a word, it is a guarantee of success, stability and status!

Realty gives confidence in the future helping to keep your savings and presents a good investment in the future!

And the realty kiev doubles the possibilities that are opening for you! When you are an owner of Realty you are not to be afraid to look into the future.

With Realty Kiev you are to become a part of the city, you can enjoy beautiful views from your windows, you may relax  and rest after  hard working days in a comfortable armchair sitting in front of the TV or with a cup of coffee and a laptop.

Surround yourself with comfort by decorating your home according to your own design. We will be happy to help you. Our team of professionals will help to design your apartment in a modern style and it will be an individual one.

If you like uncluttered space where there is a lot of light and air we can create for you the interior in the style of ”minimalism”. The minimum decor and abundance of light create a feeling of freedom!

The interior in the spirit of the “loft” style will be closer to men`s hearts. This means high ceilings, large windows, luxurious furniture which gives the room a special glamor and sophistication!
Lovers of vivid details and antiques will suit the interior in the eclectic style. It combines the incompatible and over the years it can be complemented by the souvenirs.

Choosing realty kiev one needs to consider many factors:
– location of the housing facilities ;
– apartment layout;
– whether an individual approach to customer requirements is possible;
– the availability of “novelties” in the housing complex which may become a characteristic feature making it easier to identify and look unique.

We meet all the above requirements!  Our zones of comfort and recreation  are unique and individual. Only our apartments have two entrance doors, the room for parties and meetings with friends from which a beautiful landscape of the city can be viewed, especially at dawn and in the evening hours .

Looking into the distance from our terraces and contemplating the shimmering bright and colorful lights of the city you may get the impression that you are in another country! And one cannot but love our own country and of course our beloved city of Kiev!

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