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Kiev is not only the capital of Ukraine with great potential but also a beautiful city. Buying real estate in Kiev you get a high quality of life and become the owner of a real elite property. In addition you safely invest money – this market segment is the least dependent on price fluctuations of all.

Real estate kiev as compared to other Ukrainian cities Kiev has the biggest number of homes that were built after 2004. Such abundance of property for sale in Kiev introduces some confusion in the definitions: the sellers of real estate (developers or private owners) may present their homes as “elite” even though in fact they can be closer to “business class”.

Realtors often divide the elite high-rise buildings in Kiev in 3 categories:

– real estate, class “Comfort”:

In this segment of kiev real estate homes are represented in the city districts where the environment is not entirely successful (tram lines, unclean streets, dilapidated neighboring buildings, etc.). Ceiling height in the apartments here is often no more than 3 m.  Construction of buildings is brick-monolithic with monolithic walls which limits the possibility of redevelopment. This category also includes the buildings after reconstruction that do not have  covered parking. The properties of this segment practically do not refer to the elite real estate but the developers are trying to present them as such.

– real estate, class «Premium»

This category includes the houses located in the prestigious streets of the city or in the immediate vicinity of them. For example, a home erected on the waterfront next to the public garden, a garden or even a park or with views of the historical monuments including architectural ones. Often construction with monolithic columns is used which allows for alterations to the apartment without difficulty.

– real estate, class «Exclusive»

This category comprises the houses which are unique due to its location and architecture. The comfort level of such buildings is the highest. This segment is very small and these objects are really not numerous. Basically, these homes are located in the central part of the city. Later we will discuss them in more detail.

Kiev real estate for sale

There are quite big differences in the definitions of real estate in Ukraine and abroad. In Europe the market for sale of real estate is more developed. There we see a clear division between the conventional and elite districts of a city that were historically formed as the prestigious central part of the town or settlement. In Ukraine at the moment patchy social environment is dominating resulting in the situations when an elite house can be located among conventional homes.

Moreover, if the house is located in the historical part of the city, the luxury apartments may coexist in the same building with conventional and even communal flats. By comparison, according to the world concepts a luxury real estate is supposed to have a limited number of apartments in the house – around 20 to 30 and the social environment characterized by secrecy and exclusivity.

In Moscow, for example, the vast majority of luxury homes are located in the  historic center of the city each having a small number of storeys – three to five, a maximum of nine floors. In these houses 10 to 20 families live, everyone knowing each other. Parking there is small, cassette-type. Living in such houses is very expensive and is only affordable to a very small social group.

If again to compare Kiev and Moscow, in Moscow, for example, builders, architects, investors have a special classifier of housing. They clearly understand what type of building they are constructing and what the requirements for a particular category of property are: luxury, premium, economy class or business class. Following Moscow’s indicators Kiev has lagged far behind the market in the quality of the proposals of the elite real estate. In fact, in the capital the housing that is often marketed as “luxury” is ubiquitous in Europe and is considered to be nothing more than middle-class housing which is home to 70-80% of the population.

In addition, the Ukrainian reality is such that in Kiev there were situations when homeowners had bought their houses as “elite”, and after a new house was built nearby instead of the shores of the Dnieper or the view on Kiev Lavra the tenants were brought to watch the balconies of their neighbors. Thus in a moment this housing ceased to be “elite”. Ultimately the lack of adequate rules of construction sometimes led to the situations when not only customers lost but also the entire city losing its beauty and integrity.

Today there are practically no free pieces of land in the central districts of Kiev. On the one hand, it ensures the stability of prices in the property market for kiev real estate for sale, on the other – gives some guarantee to the buyers: there will be no more surprises in the form of unpredictable constructions in front of their windows.

However, in large areas in Kiev and Kiev region a lot of cottage townships are being built. In addition not all of the elite high-rise buildings have been put into operation. When all this property is purchased and settled, a portion of the current so called “elite” housing will be transferred to business-class real estate segment. Therefore, the higher the requirements the luxury real estate purchased by you now corresponds to, the longer it will be considered really exclusive and designed for clients of VIP-class.

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